The road is open!

I drove around the entire lake Monday.  The road is rough in a few places with only a little snow on the top of Granite Pass.  I would encourage everyone to take the drive up Hwy 57 past Priest Lake school past the Luby Bay turn, past Nordman store & Priest Lake Lodge, north past the Reeder Bay turn that is the home of Grandview Resort, Elkins Resort Lodge and Kaniksu Sands condos,  past the end of the pavement, past Roosevelt Grove beyond Granite Falls and the road to Bonners Ferry or  the turn west to Metaline Falls.  The Granite Falls Trail on the north end is a good hike and worth your time.

This year the snow has been hanging on longer than is usual and this road is late opening.  The higher than normal rainfall made the trip dust free and the greenery was at its most resplendent.  The road around the north end is a little long but I try to make the trip a least once each year.  On the way down the east side of the lake take a few of the side roads to see what’s new.  I always enjoy stopping at the local businesses and visiting with the owners and staff, everyone is always friendly and the views are fantastic.

The Leonard Paul Store is great place to get some souvenirs  or an ice cream cone and don’t forget to have lunch at the Blue Diamond Marina.  All in all it makes a nice days outing if you make a few stops along the way.


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